Albumine/creatinineratio (ACR) urineonderzoek

Wilt u aan de slag met de testen in uw artsenpraktijk of kliniek? Zo doet u dat:

Albumine/creatinineratio (ACR) urineonderzoek
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Whether you are a physician in an office or a laboratorian in a central lab, screening
for kidney disease is at your fingertips.

Siemens CLINITEK® Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips detect albumin and creatinine levels in urine, providing an albumin-to-creatinine ratio and allowing treatment to begin sooner.

  • Detect kidney disease at the earliest stages—albumin sensitivity as low as 10 mg/L
  • Ratios utilizing creatinine account for the variability of albumin results due to urine concentration
  • Provide results in one minute
  • Reduce transcription errors and wait time—when used in combination with CLINITEK Status® family of analyzers, results can be electronically managed or printed  


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