LD Business Management Executive Program

Tarrytown, USA the week of January 15th

LD Business Management Executive Program

Day 1: Marketing and Products

  • Overview of the Principles of Healthineers™
  • Siemens Healthineers Division
  • Meet the Global Vice President LD MSC
  • LD Global Marketing strategy
         Atellica® family
         Automation and IT
         Assays/Disease States
  • Communications strategy
  • Optional dinner

Day 4: CRM and Finance*

  • CRM continued
  • Finance excellence
  • Instrument forecasting process
  • Business Partner Management
  • Executive Program Management Team Dinner

Day 2: Research & Development (R&D), Site Tours, and Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Development and Assay R&D
  • Research and Development Tarrytown laboratory tour
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Quality process
  • Flanders facility tour
  • Group activity
  • Dinner

Day 5: Tailored One-on-one Meetings*

We are happy to offer one-on-one meetings to colleagues who wish to have more in depth discussions or training on specific topics. The meeting will be arranged with the relevant Tarrytown colleague on Friday morning to maximize the week.

*These sessions are for Siemens Healthineer colleagues only.

Day 3: Services and CRM

  • Healthcare Consulting Solutions organization
  • COF2 Value and the proof point library
  • Value Adding Services
  • Customer Care Service overview
  • Group activity
  • Business Management and Consulting Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Free evening


Please contact Hilda Crockett at hilda.crockett@siemens-healthineers.com

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